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ParkUSA has earned a reputation for excellence in all applications of water treatment, including potable, storm, and waste water, as well as in environmentally friendly reuse/reclaim activities that are growing in promise and prevalence.  We are a full-solutions provider whose operations are defined by the completeness of our product catalog, and the attentiveness of our service.  ParkUSA streamlines the process of purchasing and installing water treatment systems by consolidating work that might otherwise be performed by multiple companies.

Standard solutions can be customized according to unique practical and statutory demands, and one of our primary objectives is understanding the design and local code requirements of every product sold.  Our expert team not only creates the needed system, including any packaging or casing, but facilitates installation so that all that’s left is to connect inlets and outlets.  What takes other companies several days, can be completed by Park in a matter of hours.

ParkUSA has partnered with architects and engineers throughout numerous and varied industries to develop just the right water treatment solutions for building contractors to integrate into their projects.  With offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Harlingen, TX, we are both accessible to our customers and ready to address all of their water treatment needs.

ParkUSA Engineering & Design Services

ParkUSA consulting and engineering services in the fields of pre-engineered water transfer systems, wastewater/stormwater separation systems, and pre-assembled pump lift stations for commercial projects, including medical, retail, institutional, industrial, communications, transportation, and energy; inspection, repair and certification services, including Backflow Preventer Certifications and Repair Service, Water Meter Calibration and Repair Service, Break Tank Certification, Repair and Replacement Service, Acid Neutralization System Monitoring, Inspection and Repair Service, Pump Lift Station Diagnostic and Repair Service, Paint Coatings and Liner Inspection Service; Utility and MEP engineering service; Digital design Service; 2D and 3D modeling service; AutoCad drafting service; Laser engraving service; Publishing and printing service

Typical Services Include:

  • Pre-Engineered Water Transfer Systems   
  • Wastewater / Stormwater Separation Systems
  • Pre-Assembled Pump Lift Stations for commercial projects, including medical, retail, institutional, industrial, communications, transportation, and energy
  • Utility & MEP Engineering
  • Digital Design Services
  • 2D and 3D modeling
  • AutoCad Drafting
  • Laser Engraving
  • Publishing/Printing

ParkUSA Inspection & Certification Services

ParkUSA offers evaluations for existing systems. Typically, onsite inspections involve aboveground and underground tanks or vaults. It is important that safety procedures be adhered to when investigating these systems. ParkUSA’s technicians are certified in Confined Space Training.

The following systems can be evaluated:

  • Backflow Preventer Certifications and Repair
  • Water Meter Calibration and Repair
  • Break Tanks Certification, Repair, and Replacement
  • Interceptor Inspection and Certification
  • Acid Neutralization System Monitoring, Inspection, and Repair
  • Pump Lift Station Diagnostic and Repair
  • Paint Coatings & Liner Inspections

Precast Concrete Manufacturing

ParkUSA offers a state of the art plant facility to fabricate precast concrete structures per your specifications. Utilizing pre-engineered and modular forms, ParkUSA can design, build, and install to your specifications.

Custom products include:

  • Tanks and Pits
  • Barrier Walls
  • Underground Utility Structures
  • Concrete Pipe
  • Concrete Boxes
  • Curb Inlets
  • Catch-basins 

ParkUSA Metal Fabrication Services

Many manufacturers out-source their complex and specialty fabrication to ParkUSA. These companies trust ParkUSA enough to put their name on it. We has over 40,000 sq ft of fabrication facility and many years of experience in designing and fabricating. Fabrication services can include consulting, field measure, transport, and install.

Fabrication services include:

  • Sawing
  • Structural Iron Work
  • Complete building packages available, hand rails, systems, stairs (ADA compliant), mezzanines, specialty machines, general fabrication and more
  • CAD Services Including consulting, prototyping/design/build; shop drawings
  • OEM Contract Fabrication Experienced in Tanks and Vessels, Vibrator Equipment, Oil & Gas Degassers, Hatchways, and DeNox Silencer Equipment,
  • Mig & Tig Welding - Certified Welding
  • General Fabrication
  • Punching
  • Ironworker Machines
  • Shearing
  • Shearing machines
  • Metal Forming

    If you can dream it, our team of experienced master craftsmen can design & build it.

ParkUSA Plastic Fabrication Services

ParkUSA specializes in fabricating plastic tanks and containers. Custom fabricated tanks or containers range in size from less than 5 Gallon to tanks in excess of 25,000 Gallons. Our tanks have been used extensively in the wastewater treatment industry. Other applications for our tanks include chemical processing and oil production.

Product include:

  • Process Tanks
  • Sectioned Plastic Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Vertical Storage Tanks
  • Horizontal Storage Tanks
  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Double Wall Tanks
  • Large Double Wall Tanks
  • Conical Bottom Tanks
  • Chemical Feed Stations
  • Secondary Containment Tank Systems
  • Fume Hoods & Ducts

ParkUSA Coating Application

Our facility has a complete blasting and paint room. All products are covered with our standard warranty for materials and workmanship.

We have experience working with many brands of coatings such as:

  • Raven
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Carboline
  • Tnemec
  • Madewell


Protective Liners

  • Coating Liners – are suitable for immersion and fiberglass flake reinforced, these are hi-build coatings resulting in a durable 20 to 60 mil final thickness. They are brush, roller or spray applied and are USDA/NSF certifiable.
  • Fiberglass Liners – offer excellent protection at moderate pricing. Multiple layers of fiberglass mat reinforced linings and special resins are suitable for severe thermal and chemical conditions up to ¼” final thickness and are USDA/NSF certifiable
  • Membrane Liners - offer outstanding resistance to aggressive chemical, vehicular traffic, impact and abrasion environments for floors, trenches, sumps and pits throughout chemical process, storage, containment and unloading areas

ParkUSA brand consulting and engineering services cover the fields of pre-engineered water transfer systems, wastewater/stormwater separation systems and pre-assembled pump lift stations for a wide range of projects including: commercial, medical, retail, institutional, industrial, communications, transportation and energy

ParkUSA brand inspection, repair and certification services cover the fields of Backflow Preventer Certifications and Repair, Water Meter Calibration and Repair, Break Tank Certification, Repair and Replacement, Interceptor Inspection and Certification, Acid Neutralization System Monitoring, Inspection, and Repair, Pump Lift Station Diagnostic and Repair and Paint Coatings & Liner Inspections

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We can service you from prototype to large scale production. Please send us your CAD drawings/blueprints for a quotation. We utilize AutoCAD and should be able to open and receive almost any format drawing.

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