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Lint Interceptor

The ParkUSA® LintTrooper® is used in commercial and institutional laundries to remove excessive amounts of lint and silt that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. Local plumbing codes require the installation of a lint interceptor to pretreat the wastewater.

The LintTrooper® is a lint and sediment interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin and unique separation technology for lint and sediment separation. Typical applications include commercial/institutional laundries, dry-cleaners, and textile operations. The waste-water discharge from these facilities usually contains high quantities of lint, silt, dissolved and suspended solids, as well as detergents. The LintTrooper® is compliant with both UPC and IPC plumbing codes, and can be equipped with debris screening technology that prevents string, rags, buttons, and other materials from entering the public sanitary sewer system.

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  • Pre-engineered from 500-15,000 gallons
  • Precast concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass or steel
  • Above or below grade installation
  • Custom screen sizes (down to 100 micron)
  • Pedestrian or traffic rated
  • Remote maintenance alarm
  • Interior liners available
  • Meets all building codes

The LintTrooper® is typically located outside the building and buried below grade, where wastewater can exit the laundry via gravity flow and enter the interceptor. The interceptor contains multiple compartments where the lint flocculates and floats to the surface, and heavier solids sink to the bottom. As the wastewater enters the interceptor’s first compartment, the water velocity is significantly reduced, allowing for separation and fall-out of the lint and sediment. Water travels into the second compartment through the piping manifold, where further separation occurs. The water exits through an outlet pipe positioned between the floating and settling layers. Neutral buoyant particles are further separated by an internal effluent screen.

The buried interceptor is typically constructed of precast concrete, providing years of continuous service. To ensure maximum performance of the interceptor, a sample well is recommended downstream of the interceptor. As its name implies, water samples can be drawn and lab-tested to determine sediment total suspended solids (TSS) content and interceptor performance.

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LTSSB-1 Model (1)

Concrete interceptor w/ level sensor & removable basket

LTSF-1 Model (1)

Fiberglass interceptor with basket screen

LTSC-1 Model (1)

Concrete interceptor, one compartment w/ basket screen


LintTrooper Flyer

LT-1 Model (1)

Concrete interceptor, 500 through 4000 gallons

LT-2 Model (1)

Concrete interceptor, 5000 through 15000 gallons

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