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Domestic Compound Meter Assembly

Although there are multiple types of water meters, the function is the same; to measure the volume of water used. The water meter typically has a strainer upstream to protect against debris and reduce turbulence. On the upstream and downstream side of the water meter are isolation gate valves. Along with a bypass, this arrangement allows the meter to facilitate future calibration and maintenance without service interruption to the end user. Since the water meter assembly is typically placed underground, it is housed within a vault enclosure. The vault is manufactured of precast concrete and contains a hatchway for accessibility to the meter and accessories.

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  • Approved by all cities and municipalities
  • Variety of piping configurations
  • Factory pre-assembled and tested
  • In stock and fast delivery
  • Quick and easy Installation
  • Precast concrete vault and access hatchway
  • Innovative design, perfect component alignment for
          inground installations
  • OEM top name components

The ParkUSA® MeterVault® is a water meter system designed to measure the volume of water usage for residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial applications.

Compound Meters are a combination of a positive displacement meter and a turbine meter designed for high metering accuracy where extremely large variations in flow are anticipated. The Compound Meter is typically installed in schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and other installations where flow demands vary from fractional gallons to large peak-hour demands. Compound Meters are available in sizes 2” through 8. 

Dolor Sit Amet

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DMTCOH-1 Model

Domestic turbine assembly, City of Houston


Fire and domestic combination assembly

FMCCOH-1 Model

Fire and domestic combination assembly, City of Houston


Domestic turbine assembly


Fire service turbine assembly

FMTCOH-1 Model

Fire service turbine assembly, City of Houston


Domestic compound assembly


Domestic combination assembly

DMCCOH-1 Model

Domestic compound assembly, City of Houston


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Provo, UT Domestic Compound Water Meter Assembly w/bypass 3" thru 6"

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