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Backflow Preventers


Double Detector Check Valve Assembly

"Detect or Check" Backflows are the same as the "Double Checks" with the addition of a "By-Pass Detect or Meter" installed across the check valves. This detect or meter is used to detect unauthorized water usage or system leakage. In a non -flow condition, check valves in the by-pass and mainline units are closed. Flows from O to 5 GPM will flow through the bypass. This operation at low flow rates is accomplished by designing the differential pressure drop across the by-pass line to be slightly less than the mainline check valves. Flows in excess of 5 GPM will open the mainline check valves for normal flow.

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  • Various models for different applications available
  • Completely pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Precast concrete vault or pad and insulated enclosure
  • Long-lasting and dependable service
  • Only certified equipment used for construction

Simply stated, a backflow preventer is a check valve device that’s installed on a potable piping system that allows water to flow in one direction, but never in the opposite direction. Its sole job is to prevent drinking water from being contaminated due to backflow. Backflow of water is caused by the pressure differential between the upstream (water main) and the downstream of the backflow device.

Water pressure can be affected when: 

  • There is a break in the water main.
  • Water is being pumped from the main water supply during a fire.
  • A customer is using water at a higher pressure than the pressure supplied.
  • The water outlet at the property is higher than the water main, causing constant back pressure.​
  • Heavy water use downstream reduces water pressure upstream.​

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