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Wastewater Systems

When water is contaminated by waste products from facilities like hospitals or restaurants, it requires special attention before it can be released into mainstream sewage. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state governments mandate certain operations to protect the environment and sewer systems. From grease interceptors to decontaminating wastewater from hospitals, ParkUSA has the solution you’re looking for. ParkUSA offers a full line of treatment products that intercept, hold, and meter waste water flow, as well as neutralize and even macerate or grind foreign materials in order for the treated water to meet regulatory safety standards.

Grease Interceptor

Grease Interceptor

Odor Control


Oil-Water Separators

Elevator EX
Grit-Oil Separator
Elevator Sump System
Oil-Water Separator
Oil Interceptor

Fuel-Water Separator

Fuel-Water Separator

Acid Neutralization System

Acid Neutralization System

Solids Interceptors

Solids Interceptor
Lint Interceptor
Mud Interceptor
Bag Filter Assemblies

Holding Tanks

Onsite Sewage Facilities Tank
Decontamination Wastewater Holding Tank
Aqueous Film Forming Foam
Waste Tanks

Screening & Grinding

Bar Screen

Wastewater Management

Sanitary Manholes