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Solids Interceptors

Solids interceptors can be used to collect and hold excessive amounts of solids substances found in wastewater. A solids interceptor should be installed in areas, as determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), where pretreatment of waste streams is necessary. Some AHJs require the addition of screens or baskets that prevent solids greater than one-half inch (1/2”) in diameter from entering the sanitary sewer system. In some cases, project requirements call for even finer separation.

Solids Interceptor

Solids Interceptor • The ParkUSA® SolidsTrooper® is a solids interceptor that can be used in

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Lint Interceptor

Lint Interceptor • The ParkUSA® LintTrooper® is used in commercial and institutional laundries to remove

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Mud Interceptor

Mud Interceptor • The ParkUSA® MudTrooper® is a sand-mud interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment

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Solids Interceptor • The ParkUSA® ZooTrooper® is a solids interceptor specifically designed for animal habitats

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Bag Filter Assemblies

Bag Filter Assemblies • The Bag Filter Assembly can be used to significantly reduce the

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