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Wastewater Management

Wastewater Diversion Systems

Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System (DD600)

ParkUSA's Fox Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System is designed to manage water runoff from an outdoor (unroofed) equipment wash area up to 200 square feet. Drains are typically located on the wash pad where water drainage is collected. This water consists of either rainfall runoff or wastewater produced by equipment washdown operations.

The collected wastewater may contain pollutants that are harmful to the environment if released into the storm sewer system. The Washdown Diversion System is designed to route the runoff and wastewater to the proper sewer system by sensing the trigger-pull of the pressure wand or turning on the faucet. Instead, the wastewater is collected and routed to the sanitary sewer for proper treatment.

The DD 600 Washdown System is suitable for applications where the slab is left clean at the end of a washdown operation. If this cannot be assured, then the application may require a more sophisticated unit such as the FF 600 First Flush Unit.  

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  • No electricity is required
  • Wash pad area roof not required
  • Easy to specify, install, and maintain
  • Saves on money on building construction, utilities, insurance, property taxes & maintenance.
  • Avoids expensive environmental fines and protects the environment.
  • Provides treatment for wash pads up to 200 SF

The Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System (DD600) consists of a drain chamber with two outlet pipes. The first is the storm sewer outlet. The second is the sanitary sewer outlet that contains a diversion valve. This diversion valve is automatic and uses water hydraulics to power the valve open or closed.

During a rain event, if no washdown is taking place, runoff is collected in the drain chamber where the level rises in the chamber where it reaches and flows out the storm sewer outlet.

During washdown operations, the diversion valve receives a hydraulic signal that the pressure washer is in use and opens. Wastewater is collected in the drain chamber and flows out to the sanitary sewer. The diversion valve will automatically close at the end of the washdown operation. This system is referred to as "demand driven". and is triggered when the water is consumed by the pressure washer equipment.

Subsequent rainfall will be drained to the storm sewer until another wash operation is used.