Decontamination Tank

Decontamination Tank


DeconTank® — A Versatile Solution for Safely Handling and Storing Contaminated Rinse Water

Meets Plumbing Codes

Meets local plumbing code and environmental regulations and made in America.

Control System with Remote Notification

Management control system for level monitoring, leak detection, and diverter valve operation.

Diverter Valve

Automatic diverter valve for decon rinse use and general rinse cycles.

Protects People and Property

The DeConTankÒ stores hazardous wastewater in a safe and efficient manner protecting staff, patients, and the environment.

Safe Storage

A leakproof and sealed tank with a gastight access cover stores the wastewater until it is properly disposed. A HEPA vent prevents any potential leaks and ensures air quality.

Range of Sizes

500 to 5,000 gallons for direct-bury and aboveground installation.


ParkUSA is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered decontamination tank systems. We offer a secure solution for containing contaminated wastewater generated during decontamination procedures at medical, research, military, or industrial facilities.

Our DeConTanks® intercept and store hazardous wastewater from decontamination rinse showers and rinsing activities. This protects both the sewer system and building occupants by preventing the release of contaminated rinse water into the environment and ensuring proper disposal. This wastewater may contain chemicals, biological, radioactive, or even explosive particulates.

Designed to store hazardous substances, the DeConTank® intercepts contaminated wastewater and holds it until proper disposal.

How It Works

Hospital emergency departments and other emergency response facilities typically have dedicated decontamination shower areas that are used solely for the decontamination rinse process. Their primary purpose is to eliminate hazardous substances from patients, equipment, or surfaces and reduce the risk of exposure to other patients and medical staff. These areas are equipped with specialized equipment, including decontamination showers, decontamination rinse water holding tanks, and control panels.

Decontamination showers are designed to rinse contaminants off the body, while decontamination rinse water holding tanks are designed to safely contain the contaminated water until it can be disposed of properly. Control can monitor and control the decontamination rinse process, providing real-time feedback on water levels in the holding tanks and alerting the operator when the tank is nearing capacity. Our systems can also be equipped with diverter valves that allow for the safe discharge of non-hazardous rinse water into the sanitary sewer during general rinse activities.

The ParkUSA DeConTankÒ also have a general rinse mode, which when selected, diverts all rinse water to the sanitary sewer. This mode may be used to clean hospital equipment, such as gurneys, that are not considered hazardous. The system automatically resets to deacon mode after 30 minutes of use.


About the Precast Concrete Basin with HDPE Liner

Model DTX features a robust precast concrete basin lined with an interior chemical-resistant and impermeable HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and an exterior vapor barrier. This combination provides chemical resistance, watertightness, and structural integrity. Additionally, the system includes a wastewater management and notification system. Designed for below-ground installation, it is equipped with heavy-duty access covers, ensuring ease of inspection and maintenance.


The DeConTank® is essential for proper management of contaminated wastewater to prevent hazardous discharge and protect public health and the environment.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities generate hazardous waste during decontamination procedures that cannot be discharged into public sewer systems.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing facilities may generate hazardous waste during cleaning procedures.

Military Installations

Military installations often handle hazardous materials during training exercises, decontamination procedures, and other activities.

Fire Stations

Fire stations may generate hazardous waste during decontamination procedures, including contaminated rinse water from firefighting equipment.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites

Hazardous waste disposal sites require a reliable and efficient system for containing and disposing of contaminated wastewater generated during decontamination procedures.

Emergency Response Sites

Emergency response sites may use a decontamination procedure after a chemical spill or biological outbreak.

Nuclear Facilities

DeConTank® provides safe and efficient solution for the storage and disposal of hazardous waste generated during decontamination procedures and other activities.

Chemical manufacturing plants

Chemical manufacturing plants generate hazardous waste during cleaning and decontamination procedures.

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