Water Meters


City-Approved MeterVault® Water Meters Provide Accurate Billing and Maximum Savings

Accurate Monitoring and Reporting

Our technology can provide detailed water usage information in real-time for accurate billing.

Quicker Leak Detection

Our technology continually monitors water usage and can help detect a potential leak. The automated system sends an SMS alert to notify building operations of increased usage.

Quality OEM Components

We utilize proven top-name OEM brands in our integrated water meters.

Multiple Models for Wide Use

ParkUSA manufactures multiple meter assemblies to meet site usage, flow rate, accuracy requirements, and project budget.

Added Security

Water meter reporting can signal unauthorized consumption or access.

Suitable for Potable Water Service

The MeterVault is constructed with lead-free brass material, making it safe for potable water service.


Water meters can be found in almost every public or private building. Commercial water meters measure and determine the flow of water within a commercial, residential, industrial, or municipal building. They are designed to provide flexibility and control when measuring rapid or fluctuating water usage of large facilities. The ParkUSA MeterVault®  is a turnkey solution that incorporates all internal components including a city-approved water meter, isolation valves, pipe stub out, and an optional strainer, automatic meter reading technology, and bypass technology.

Our water meters offer automatic meter reading that eliminates manual meter readings and advanced two-way wireless communication that allows for real-time monitoring, leak detection, and remote shut-off valves.

Please contact our sales team for water meter specifications approved for your municipality.

How It Works

ParkUSA manufactures multiple types of water meters that share the same function: to measure used water volume. Water meters typically have a strainer upstream to protect against debris and reduce turbulence. On the upstream and downstream side of the water meter are isolation gate valves. Along with a bypass, this arrangement allows the meter to facilitate future calibration and maintenance without service interruption to the end user.

Water is measured using one of the following methods: a physical displacement meter, a turbine, a propeller, magnetic coils, ultrasonic sound waves, or a combination of meter types. In a positive displacement water meter, water is measured by physically displacing water in direct proportion to the amount of water that passes through the meter; the turbine meter employs a rotor and magnet that uses electrical pulses to transmit data to the register; the propeller method capitalizes on a series of pulses generated by a magnet that rotate with the propeller; the magnetic meter includes two sets of coils with one set of energized with an electrical current and the other set senses the magnetic field created by the current when water flows through the pipe to create a voltage proportional to the velocity of the water; and, finally, the ultrasonic meter utilizes targeted sound waves to accurately measure the velocity of moving water.

Most water meter assemblies are placed underground and housed within a vault enclosure. The vault is manufactured of precast concrete and contains a hatchway for accessibility to the meter and accessories.


About the Positive Displacement Meter

Highly accurate at low-to-moderate flow rates typical of residential and small commercial buildings, positive displacement meters operate by physically displacing water in direct proportion to the amount of water that passes through the meter. They are available in a range of sizes including 5/8″, ¾”, 1”, 1-½”, and 2″ with a flow rate range of 25 to 170 GPM.

See it in Action


Water meters are necessary for reliable water metering and management. Selection should be based on usage, flow rate, accuracy requirements, and budget.

Residential Buildings

Water meter assemblies provide accurate measurement and management of water usage, which can help reduce costs and promote water conservation.

Commercial Buildings

Water meter installed in commercial buildings accurately measure and manage water consumption.

Industrial Facilities

Water meter assemblies are beneficial in industrial facilities where large amounts of water are used for processes and cooling.

Municipal Water Systems

Water meters are used in municipal water systems for accurate billing and to detect leaks and unauthorized usage.

Agricultural Applications

Water meters can accurately measure water consumption for irrigation and livestock watering.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, nursing homes, and health care facilities measure and manage water consumption to help reduce costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

Recreational Facilities

Water meter assemblies at water parks and swimming pools accurately measure and manage water with the goal of reducing costs.

Oil, Gas, and Mining

Accurate measurement and management of water usage is necessary in drilling, hydraulic fracturing operations, mining, and in extraction and processing operations.

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