Pump Lift Stations


An Essential Component to Any Wastewater or Stormwater Conveyance System

Engineered for Your Project

ParkUSA engineers specialize in water conveyance systems and offer comprehensive engineering and design services tailored to your project’s unique goals.

Quick Fabrication and Delivery

We prioritize pump station system prefabrication before delivery, significantly reducing construction costs, installation time, potential delays, and change orders.

Quality Components

ParkUSA takes pride in our quality control procedures, guaranteeing smooth functioning upon delivery to the job site.

Commissioning Support

Our technicians work on-site with all parties to field-check the control panel, operate the pumps, conduct system testing, and provide top-notch training to maintenance personnel.

Monitor Controls

Lift stations may include a control panel system that monitors and operates the pumps and other equipment in a lift station.

Easy Maintenance and Inspection

Pump removal system enables easy extraction of pumps for inspection, cleaning, repair, or replacement without the need to enter the wet well.


The ParkUSA PumpTrooper® is a pre-engineered pump lift station system complete with all necessary components for fully automated operation. An essential component for wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, a Pump Lift Station moves wastewater, stormwater, industrial water, or other process fluids from a lower to higher elevation.

In conveyance systems, lift stations facilitate the movement of fluids where natural flow is impeded by elevation constraints or long distances. Integrating lift stations within a gravity pipe system can also alleviate the need for extensive excavation and laying of new sewer pipes.

The ParkUSA PumpTrooper® is comprehensive pump system that includes the key components of a wet well structure, pumps, piping, valves, and automated controls. In addition, we offer comprehensive engineering and design services tailored to your project’s unique goals.

Lift stations may include a control panel system that monitors and operates the pumps and other equipment in a lift station. The system includes sensors that measure liquid level, pressure, and flow; a controller system that analyzes input data and determines operations; output actuators that control the lift station pumps; and the display interface that allows operators to monitor and control the lift station.

How It Works

Pump Lift Stations are a vital part of many wastewater and stormwater conveyance systems. Wastewater or stormwater enters the wet well of the lift station through gravity flow or by being pumped in from upstream collection lines. The level of water in the wet well is monitored by float or non-contact sensors. When the level reaches a predetermined height, the sensors send a signal to start the pump(s) that will move the wastewater or stormwater to the next downstream point.

As the pump(s) start, the check valves on the discharge side of the pump(s) prevent fluid from flowing back into the wet well. Once the fluid level in the wet well drops to a predetermined level, the sensors send a signal to stop the pump(s). The process repeats as the flow continues into the lift station. Multiple pumps alternate to maintain even the wear on the pumps.

Additional components such as alarms and backup power supplies ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. The ParkUSA PumpTrooper® is a pre-engineered, fully automated lift station system that includes all internal components installed during production so that it can be easily installed on site once delivered.


About the Submersible Non-Clog Pumps

Used frequently for wastewater applications, this pump lift utilizes a submersible solids-handling pump that sits at the bottom of a wet well or sump. They have a wide range of flow capabilities, typically between 25 and 7000 gpm. These pumps are favored due to their affordability, ruggedness, and diversity. They are easy to install and can be lowered into the well on guide rails, whereas split case and vertical suction pumps require more mounting hardware and have longer shafts that can torque during operation. Non-clog pumps are a good choice for wastewater as they handle solids and debris that are commonly found in wastewater, such as paper, rags, and other materials. Unlike traditional pumps, which can easily become clogged when handling these types of solids, non-clog pumps are specifically designed to prevent clogging and maintain reliable performance.

See it in Action


ParkUSA PumpTrooper™ pump lift stations are suitable for any application where wastewater and stormwater need to be lifted and pumped away in a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Residential Areas

Areas with a large concentration of homes or apartment complexes produce significant amounts of wastewater and stormwater that need to be efficiently and effectively transported to treatment plants or sanitary sewer systems.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties including hotels, restaurants, retail, and office space generate high volumes of wastewater and require a reliable and efficient means of pumping it away. Stormwater pumps typically installed in sump pits prevent flooding in basements and other low-lying areas.


Municipalities and local governments need to lift and pump wastewater from municipal sewage systems to wastewater treatment plants. They also use stormwater pumps to prevent flooding in low-lying areas during heavy rainstorms.


Transportation agencies use stormwater pumps to manage runoff from roads and highways. The pumps capture and treat the runoff before it enters nearby waterways.

Parks and Recreational

Parks and recreational areas use stormwater pumps to manage excess rainwater that can cause damage to trails, fields, and other amenities.

Agricultural Operations

Agriculture operations use stormwater pumps to manage excess rainwater that can flood crops and cause erosion. The pumps are used to capture and redirect the water to irrigation systems or storage tanks.


Livestock and crops produce large volumes of wastewater that needs to be pumped away for treatment or disposal.

Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing plants and refineries produce large amounts of wastewater that must be pumped away from the site for treatment or disposal.

Remote Areas

Pump lift stations can be used in remote areas where wastewater and stormwater treatment is not readily accessible. The pumps can help transport water to a central location for treatment.

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Lift Station


Lift Station


Lift Station

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