FilterFlo™ Filter Press

FilterFlo™ Filter Press


Produce Dryer Dewatering Cakes Even at High Flow Rates

Durable Construction

Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing of press.

Simple Design

Effective dewatering with fewer moving parts and low-maintenance operation.

Powerful Performance

Produces dryer cakes while handling high flow rates.

Easy Operation

Air-driven hydraulic closing pump with pressure gauge on semi-automatic units.

Leak-Free System

Polypro gasketed recessed plates ensure leak-free operation.


Capacity, plate size, style, and construction are fully customizable to your dewatering needs.


The FilterFlo™ is a recessed chamber Filter Press (also known as a plate and frame press) that offers a variety of advantages in dewatering applications. It produces dry cakes, has few moving parts, and can handle high flow rates (depending on the % solids). The FilterFlo™ consists of a steel skeleton, filter plates, a hydraulic pump and cylinder, and plumbing, which includes the manifold and center feed pipe and the filter press cloths. The simple yet effective design provides a low-maintenance filtration and dewatering solution.

Semi-automatic units come equipped with an air-driven hydraulic closing pump with a pressure gauge, as well as an air line filter, oiler, and regulator. Manual units are operated with a 2-stage hand pump. The FilterFlo™ design includes an air blow manifold for air drying filter cakes. Discharge and inlet manifolds and a protective strip on top of the side rails are constructed of stainless steel.

Our Filter Press offers a flexible design that is fully customizable to meet your dewatering needs. Available press capacity sizes range from 1-300 cubic feet. The standard filter plate material is a 100 psi industrial-grade polypropylene. FDA-approved food grade polypropylene or high-temperature glass-filled polypropylene are also available. The FilterFlo™ comes standard with leak-proof EPDM gasketed seals. Viton seals are also available. Non-gasketed plates with quick-removal latex-edged cloths are another option, which offers easy change-out but are not completely liquid-tight during the processing stage.

The Slurry Tank is a steel tank engineered for mixing and storing liquids and solids in the form of a slurry mixture. The mixture is often agitated to keep the solids suspended in the liquid. Park Process’ Slurry Tank aids in effectively preparing and delivering the slurry mixture to filtration equipment, resulting in a finer separation than using filter media alone.

How It Works

Our recessed chamber Filter Press works by applying pressure to the sludge or slurry mixture, forcing the liquid to pass through filter cloths or plates while retaining the solids within the chambers.

First, with the filter press in the closed position, the sludge or slurry requiring dewatering is pumped into the unit through a center feed pipe. The mixture fills the recessed chambers between the filter cloths. Once the chambers are full, pressure forces the clarified liquid component (filtrate) through the filter cloths, which then drains through the outlets. As filtrate exits, dewatered solids accumulate in the chambers, forming low-moisture cakes. Once the filtration process is complete, the Filter Press is opened and dewatered cakes are removed.

A slurry tank works by mixing solids and liquids to create a slurry mixture. It can be a combination of water, chemicals, minerals, or other materials, which is agitated via air bubbler manifolds or mechanical agitators to keep the solids suspended in the liquid. The slurry mixture is then pumped into a filtration system where the solid particles are separated from the liquid.


About the Recessed Chamber Filter Press

The Park Process FilterFlo™ recessed chamber Filter Press is made up of a steel skeleton, filter plates, a hydraulic pump and cylinder, and plumbing, which includes the manifold and center feed pipe and the filter press cloths.


Park Process Filter Presses are widely used in various industries, offering an effective and efficient solution for dewatering sludges and slurries.

Effluent Treatment

Filter presses can be used for high-volume separation and dewatering of effluent during the treatment process.

Metal Finishing

Metal and plate finishing operations produce metal hydroxide sludge that require dewatering for cost-effective and compliant treatment and disposal.

Completion Fluid Filtration

Oil and gas well drilling operations use Filter Press and Slurry Tank technology to separate solids from completion fluid before recirculation, which increases its effectiveness in the well boring process.

Industrial Filter Backwash

Backwashing is commonly used as a preventative maintenance method in water purification and sewage treatment processes.

WTP Sludge – Alum and Lime

Our Filter Press can be used at water treatment plants to remove alum and lime from water treatment sludge, which would cause contamination if discharged directly into the environment.

WWTP – Activated Sludge

Wastewater treatment plants using aeration and biological floc produce excess activated sludge that requires removal and dewatering with the aid of a Filter Press.

Chemical Solid/Liquid Separation

Chemical processing operations utilize our Filter Press systems for effective solid/liquid separation.

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