Gate Valves


Control Water for Drainage and Stormwater Quality Management with CanalValve™

Measure and Control Water Flow

Gate Valves control water for drainage and management.

Manual or Automatic Control

Gate valve models can provide manual or automatic water control of water bodies.


Durable construction materials include precast concrete to resist corrosion and wear.


The ParkUSA® CanalValve™ is a valve system that provides control of water for drainage and flood control, irrigation, wastewater treatment, environmental management. Water management can include water release and detention of ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, and wastewater treatment plants. The CanalValve™ line of products include gate valves, check valve systems, and stop systems that are pre-engineered and contained in a precast concrete structure for direct burial.

Gate Valves can serve as a critical component in EPA stormwater quality management; spill prevention, control, and countermeasure programs; and wastewater treatment applications.

How It Works

A gate valve system provides for manual or automatic water control of water bodies. Systems are available in a variety of structural configurations including tanks, headwalls, end treatments, and vaults. Slide gate, or sluice valves, operate with a mechanical screw assembly that opens or closes the valve, and can be seated in the open or closed position depending on the desired position. The valve screw assembly provides unrestricted flow and quick opening and closing of the valve. Stop logs provide for in-channel flow or level control. Logs are beams with a rubber seal that are inserted in grooves cast in a channel wall. The logs are stacked or unstacked to permit incremental changes in water level that are not possible using stop gates or slide gates. Flap and duckbill check valves allow water to flow only one direction. They can provide for water gravity-drainage while preventing water from backflowing upstream.​


About the Manual Gate Valve

The Canal Valve SGVC is a versatile valve system designed to manually control water for various purposes, including drainage, flood control, irrigation, wastewater treatment, and environmental management. The Canal Valve SGVC system includes a precast concrete structure box with galvanized steel grating or cover, along with a cast iron slide gate valve. This system is pre-engineered and contained within precast concrete structures suitable for direct burial.


The CanalValve™ system is versatile and can be applied in various contexts and environments. Here are some applications where the CanalValve™ system can be effectively utilized:

Agricultural Irrigation

Regulates water flow for irrigation canals and systems, providing precise control to ensure optimal soil moisture and water use efficiency.

Urban Drainage Systems

Manages stormwater runoff in urban settings, helping to prevent flooding and maintain proper drainage across cityscapes.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Controls the flow of wastewater into treatment facilities, allowing for better management of treatment processes and capacity.

Flood Control Measures

Operates as a key component in flood control systems, managing water levels in rivers, reservoirs, and floodplains to minimize the impact of excess water.

Ecological Conservation Projects

Assists in the management of water levels in conservation areas, supporting habitat preservation and species protection efforts.

Industrial Water Management

Provides water control solutions for industrial sites, including managing process water and helping to contain and control spills.

Recreational Water Bodies

Controls water levels and flow in man-made lakes, ponds, and water features in parks, golf courses, and other recreational areas.

Construction Site Management

Manages water on construction sites, aiding in sediment control and maintaining dry working conditions.

Water Treatment Systems

Serves as an integral part of water treatment systems for controlling the passage of water through various stages of the treatment process.

Emergency Water Containment

Can be quickly deployed in emergency situations for temporary water control measures, such as during a spill response or after a natural disaster to manage water distribution and containment.

Specs & Docs


Containment Valve Assembly (Model CV)


Slide Gate Valve Assembly (Model SG-1)


Headwall with Slide Gate Valve (Model SGHW 12″ to 48″)

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