Sand-Mud Interceptors

Sand-Mud Interceptors


MudTrooper® Sand-Mud Interceptors — Built to City and Municipal Specifications for Commercial and Industrial Use

Flexible Usage

Sand-mud interceptors are used in any application where sediment, and other solids may accumulate in wastewater, potentially causing damage to the public sewer system and the environment.

UPC Listed

Most models are Uniform Plumbing Code Listed and IPC compliant.

Unparalleled Strength

Monolithic baffles for strength, resilient pipe connections, and interior corrosion-resistant lining.

Easy Maintenance Access

Access covers can withstand vehicular traffic and provide an entry point for maintenance and cleaning.

Delivered Ready to Connect

Turnkey and pre-piped for quick and easy installation.

Integrated Alarm

Service alarm alerts the user when it’s time to schedule maintenance.


A Sand-mud separator is ideal for use in manufacturing, maintenance, or commercial facilities that have a high discharge of inorganic sediment including sand, mud, silt, and detergents. ParkUSA’s SandTrooper™ separator is a turnkey solution that is delivered to the job site, pre-piped, tested, and ready to install.

In addition to quick and easy installation, our separator includes remote maintenance alarms and pump-out options for ease of service and maintenance. Built to city and municipal specifications and a, the SandTrooper™ complies with local building codes and environmental regulations. With sizes ranging from 500 to 20,000 gallons, and options for aboveground, belowground, precast concrete, stainless steel, or fiberglass materials, the SandTrooper™ offers versatile options customized to suit your specific needs and space requirements.

How It Works

Sand-Mud Interceptors separate wastewater from water as it moves through the interior baffle system. The remaining sediment is left in the interceptor where it is removed by a professional wastewater disposal company, and the treated water exits the interceptor, ready to be used again, or moved into the sanitary sewer system.

The interceptor operates on the principle of buoyancy, where sand has a higher density than water and it naturally sinks to the bottom of the interceptor. As the sand wastewater enters the sand interceptor, the flow velocity is decreased, allowing the sand and mud to settle to the bottom of the interceptor and are captured using a series of baffles, while clearer water exits via an outlet baffle. When the sand interceptor reaches its maximum capacity rating, the operator should contact a licensed wastewater disposal company for removal.


About the Precast Concrete Sand Mud Interceptor

This interceptor removes sand, sediment, and other solid particles from wastewater in commercial and industrial settings. It is constructed of precast concrete with multiple compartments, internal baffles, and piping. It is designed for direct burial and includes heavy-duty access covers for cleaning and maintenance and is available in different sizes and configurations to meet most application demands and municipal codes.


Sand-mud interceptors have a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial settings where sediment can accumulate in the wastewater.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing processes that require water have sediment and other solids in the wastewater.

Construction Sites

Sand-mud interceptors treat wastewater from construction activities and prevent sediment and other pollutants from entering the public sewer system.

Heavy Equipment Wash Racks

Facilities that wash construction and heavy equipment use separators for sediment removal.

Service Stations

Service stations and other automotive facilities use sand-mud interceptors to prevent sediment from entering the public sewer system.

Car Washes

Often required in car wash facilities to prevent sediment and other pollutants from entering the public sewer system.


Airports may use sand-mud interceptors to treat wastewater from aircraft maintenance and cleaning operations.

Specs & Docs


Solids Interceptor Series SI (Models 500 to 2,000 Gallon Capacity)


Sand-Mud Interceptor (Model SM – Size 500 to 4000 Gallons)


Sand-Mud Interceptor (Model SM – Size 7000 Gallons)


Solids Interceptor (Model SSB – Size 100 to 400 Gallons)


Solids Interceptor (Model SSB – Size 500 to 1000 Gallons)


Solids Interceptor (Model STSC – Size 150 to 400 Gallons)


Solids Interceptor (Model STSC – Size 500 to 2500 Gallons)


Solids Interceptor (Model STSC – Size 5000 Gallons)

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