Solids Interceptor

Solids Interceptor


SolidsTrooper® Provides Cost-Effective Collection and Containment of Solids in Commercial Wastewater Systems

Cost-Effective Solution

Highly reliable and cost-effective solutions contain solid substances and reduced municipal treatment costs.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Solids interceptors comply with municipal regulations and minimize environmental impact. 

Flexible Design

The Solids interceptor can be modified to fit almost any commercial or municipal application.

Automatic Sensors

When interceptor reaches maximum capacity, an alarm sensor will then alert the operator to to pump the interceptor.

Preserve Water and Sewer Systems

The SolidsTrooper™ captures large amounts of solid waste that can damage pipes and clog equipment.


ParkUSA’s solids interceptors effectively collect and contain solid substances in commercial wastewater, protect sewer infrastructure, reduce municipal treatment costs, and comply with regulations while minimizing environmental impact. They are designed for multiple applications:

  • The SolidsTrooper™ is an interceptor system that captures solid substances such as waste grindings, food particles and processing waste, dental waste, jewels, plaster, glass, plastics, and trash. It is commonly used in food processing, healthcare, glass bottlers, dumpster/compactor areas, and manufacturing facilities.
  • The LintTrooper® is an industry-standard interceptor system highly suitable for intercepting fabric fibers, rags, buttons, and other similar items from entering the public sanitary sewer system. It is frequently used in laundromats, dry cleaners, and commercial laundries.
  • The ZooTrooper® is a wastewater interceptor system specifically designed to intercept solids and debris from animal care facilities, including dog parks, veterinary clinics, kennels, zoo habitats, aquariums, and agricultural barns. It effectively separates animal hair and debris, providing reliable performance for solid interception in such applications.

How It Works

Solids interceptors, which are typically located outside and below grade, effectively remove solids from wastewater before it enters a sanitary sewer system. The interceptors are designed with multiple compartments that cause the water velocity to decrease significantly as the water enters the unit. As the water flows from one compartment to the other, solids in the wastewater will flocculate and either float to the surface or sink to the bottom.

Wastewater moves into a second compartment through a piping manifold, which furthers the separation of solids. Neutral buoyant particles are then separated by an internal effluent screen and the filtered effluent discharges through an outlet.

An integrated alarm notifies operators when the interceptor reaches its maximum capacity. ParkUSA recommends installing a sample well downstream of the interceptor to test sedimentation content and interceptor performance.



About the Precast Concrete Solids Interceptor

The SolidsTrooper™ can capture solid substances and is commonly used in general commercial facilities such as food processing, healthcare, glass bottlers, dumpster or compactor areas, and manufacturing facilities. Model STSC has multiple compartments, internal baffles, stainless steel filter screen, piping, and an interceptor maintenance alert system. Model STSB features a removable stainless steel filter basket and an interceptor maintenance alert system. Both models are designed for direct burial and include heavy-duty access covers for cleaning and maintenance.


The solids interceptor systems remove solids in a wide range of applications that focus on commercial, industrial, and municipal industries.

Food Processing Facilities

Ideal for any food manufacturing or processing facility including breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Healthcare and Dental Facilities

Medical waste can include dental waste, plaster, textiles, and other solids which can cause blockages in pipes.

Dumpster and Compactor Areas

Effectively remove solids from wastewater before they enter a sanitary sewer system.

Recycling Centers

Interceptors remove glass, fiber, wood, and other particles before they enter the public wastewater system.

Pulp and Paper Mills

These facilities produce a large amount of solid waste that can damage pipes and clog up equipment.

Textile Mills

Interceptors are highly suitable for capturing fabric fibers, rags, and buttons from entering the public sanitary sewer system.

Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

The LintTrooper® is designed specifically for applications that produce high amounts of lint, fabric fibers, and similar materials.

Veterinary Clinics and Zoo Habitats

The ZooTrooper® captures solids and debris including animal excrement, bedding materials, and feed waste from animal care facilities.

Dog Parks

Interceptors can be used in outside spaces to collect debris before entering sewer systems.


The ZooTrooper® intercepts solid waste of gravel, plants, animal excrement, uneaten food, and debris to prevent blockages in sewer lines and reduce environmental impact.

Agricultural Barns and Research Facilities

The ZooTrooper® protects sewer infrastructure and reduces the environmental impact of agricultural businesses and research facilities.

Specs & Docs


Lint Interceptor – Model LTSSB


Lint Interceptor Series LT – Model 500 thru 750 Gallon Capacity


Lint Interceptor Series LT – Model 1,000 thru 2,000 Gallon Capacity


Lint Interceptor Series LT – Model 2,500 thru 6,000 Gallon Capacity


Lint Interceptor Series LT – Model 7,000 thru 12,000 Gallon Capacity


Lint Interceptor Series LT – Model 13,000 thru 15,000 Gallon Capacity

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