Water Storage Tanks


BreakTanks® Provide Cost-Effective Above-Ground or Below-Grade Secure Water Storage

Reliable Water Source

BreakTanks® are a reliable backup water source for both domestic and fire protection systems.

High- and Low-Level Alarms

Alarms alert the operator when the water level is too high or too low.

Safe Access

Equipped with level control systems, stainless steel top and side manways, vortex, and interior and exterior ladders.

Minimal Impact on Surroundings

Below-grade precast storage tanks offer space-saving design, protection from elements, reduced noise, increased security, and minimal impact on landscaping.

On-site Erection

Galvanized steel tanks are made with lightweight panels that can inexpensively ship to remote sites.

Corrosion Resistant

Long-lasting interior and exterior liners are standard for corrosion protection.


ParkUSA manufactures three main types of water storage tanks for domestic use and fire protection systems. Our BreakTank® family includes welded steel tanks, corrugated steel tanks, and precast concrete tanks. Commonly used in areas with limited water resources, inconsistent water supply and pressure, or settings with high water demand, BreakTank™ are non-pressurized atmospheric storage tanks that rely on gravity to provide water flow.

Steel water storage tanks are installed above ground and can function as a surge tank if installed upstream of a domestic or fire water pump system. They provide spare water storage and backflow protection by interrupting the connection between the pump and water source.

Precast water storage tanks are typically installed below grade and are structurally engineered for strength and durability. In-ground installation offers space-saving and enhanced aesthetics while adding enhanced security and protection from the elements.

BreakTank™ accessories can include fill valves, pumps, access hatches, overflow drains, ladders, and automatic control systems.

How It Works

ParkUSA Water Storage Tanks are a reliable and versatile solution for storing potable water, fire protection, wastewater, and rainwater. They function as a surge or break tank, providing spare water storage and backflow protection. Our above-ground steel storage tanks are often used in large buildings, industrial facilities, and high-rises. Our precast concrete storage tanks are for direct-bury applications and offer advantages such as space-saving design, enhanced aesthetics, protection from elements, reduced noise, increased security, improved insulation, and minimal impact on landscaping. All tanks meet regulatory compliance and come with valves, pumps, and control packages to complete the system.

In a system with a potable water pressure source, the tank is filled with water through mechanical float-operated or electronic solenoid-actuated valves. Domestic or fire prevention use of potable water is supplied to the building through a domestic booster or fire suction pump.

BreakTanks® are equipped with a level control system that alerts when the level is too high or very low. A visual sight gauge is standard with each tank, allowing for easy inspection. Tanks come with an overflow pipe that allows excess water to escape into a floor drain if the water level in the tank rises too high.

To ensure safe access to the tank, a top manway is positioned on the tank top and sidewall with interior and exterior ladders. A sidewall manway allows for easy entry from the floor level. Drain ports are located at the tank bottom, and long-lasting interior and exterior liners are standard for corrosion protection.


About the Welded Storage Tanks

ParkUSA welded steel storage tanks are designed for domestic or fire water use. The above ground tanks are structurally engineered in sizes from 100 to 40,000 gallons and built to ASTM A36 standards. They can feature a round base or square shape and have easy internal access, protective coatings and liners, and level controls and alarms as well as a visual sight gauge.

See it in Action


Consistently used in locations with limited or constricted water resources, water storage tanks are a versatile solution providing a reliable auxiliary or backup water source.

Potable Water Storage

Store potable water for drinking, cooking, and other domestic uses. This is especially useful in areas with unreliable municipal water supply or in off-grid buildings.

Fire Protection

A backup water source for fire protection systems providing water to fire sprinklers, standpipes, hose cabinets, and fire department connections.

Building Irrigation

Water storage for building irrigation purposes including lawns, gardens, or green roofs.

Wastewater Storage

Tanks can store wastewater such as greywater or blackwater. Useful for buildings not connected to a municipal sewer system or that generate large amounts of wastewater.

Rainwater Harvesting

Tanks can store harvested rainwater for non-potable purposes, such as flushing toilets or washing clothes.

Stormwater Detention

Temporary storage for stormwater runoff allows gradual discharge into the drainage system to regulate flow rates and reduce flooding.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Protective coatings prevent corrosion or contamination of water stored for use in hydraulic fracturing or oil and gas operations.

Municipal Resources

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