Bar Screen

Bar Screen


Easy-to-Install and Customizable Barscreen System

Remove Solid Waste from Streams

A barscreen is an effective way to remove solid materials from the wastewater streams, protecting downstream equipment and preventing clogs and backups in the sewer system.

Enhanced Safety Features

Features include accessible cover or hatchways, handrails, safety ladders, and safety nets.

Complete Package Ready for Install

Pre-engineered package with debris bar and perforated screens, slide gates, weirs, automatic grinders with auger, and odor control options.

Project Support

ParkUSA’s dedicated project management team supports you at every stage—from planning to installation.


The ParkUSA Barscreen System is a pre-engineered and ready-to-install concrete vault system that features a mechanical bar screen. This economical solution is ideal for collecting and detaining rags, wipes, diapers, contraband, sticks, plastic, and other disposable items that commonly clog sewage pumps and sewer lines. It is perfect for facilities such as prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and industrial applications.

The bar screen system typically consists of an inclined grid made of bars with a certain spacing between them. The barscreen is placed in the sewer line or wastewater treatment plant, and as the wastewater flows through it, the bars catch and retain the solid materials, allowing the liquid to pass through.

Our factory-built bar screen system includes automatic grinders, augers, stop gate valves, automatic bypass, and all necessary piping. Electronic automation options, such as level, flow, and pH, are also available. The ParkUSA pre-engineered barscreen system can be customized to meet your specific site requirements and ensure compliance with municipal regulations.

How It Works

A wastewater barscreen works by filtering out solid materials from the wastewater stream, allowing the liquid to pass through while retaining the solids. Wastewater flows into the barscreen, typically through a channel or pipe. The barscreen is positioned in the channel or pipe so that all the wastewater flows through it. As the wastewater flows through the barscreen, the solid materials are caught by the bars, which are typically spaced close together to catch the solids but far enough apart to allow the liquid to pass through.

The liquid portion of the wastewater stream passes through the barscreen and continues downstream to the next stage of the wastewater treatment process. Caught solids on the barscreen and can be removed manually or by a mechanical system.


About the Compact Stationary Bar Screen

Model BSQ is a compact stationary filter designed to remove large solid objects, such as rags and debris, from wastewater or stormwater. Installed within the conveyance pipe system, the unit has a precast concrete structure with a channel lined in stainless steel, an inclined bar screen system, and an internal platform. Designed for direct burial, it features a solid concrete cover with a heavy-duty access cover and a safety net to ensure secure inspection and maintenance access. Each system is equipped with a hand rake and storage racks for maintenance.


Wastewater barscreens can be beneficial in applications where solid material in the wastewater stream needs to be removed to protect downstream equipment or prevent backups and overflows.

Stormwater Management Systems

In areas where heavy rainfall is common, stormwater runoff can carry large amounts of debris, including

Outdoor Venues

Large outdoor area stormwater runoff can carry debris such as leaves, branches, and other organic materials.

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

A barscreen can remove non-biodegradable materials such as wipes and sanitary products before they enter the sewer system, reducing the risk of clogging and backups.

Concession Stands and Food Preparation Areas

Sports and entertainment concession stands and food preparation areas generate wastewater containing food particles, oils, and other organic materials. A barscreen can remove these solids before they enter the wastewater system, reducing the risk of clogging and backups.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater barscreens can be used to remove large solid materials from the incoming wastewater stream, protecting downstream equipment such as pumps and aerators.

Industrial Wastewater

A barscreen can be used to remove solid materials such as food processing, beverage bottlers, or pulp and paper waste from manufacturing.

Prisons, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes

These facilities generate large amounts of waste that can contain items such as diapers, wipes, and other non-biodegradable materials that are not suitable for flushing.

Specs & Docs


Bar Screen Assembly with Flume (Model BSAF)


Bar Screen Assembly (Model BSQ)


Bar Screen Assembly (Model BSAH – Size 1500 Gallons)


Bar Screen Assembly – Progressive Screening with Flush Grate (Model BSAP-1)


Bar Screen Assembly – Progressive Screening with Handrail (Model BSAP-1-HR)

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