Grit-Oil Separator

Grit-Oil Separator


Effectively Remove Sediment, Grit, and Hydrocarbons from Water with GoTrooper®

Crucial Pretreatment

A ParkUSA grit-oil-water separator is a crucial component of wastewater gravity flow pretreatment before discharging to a public sewer.

Patented Technology

Coalescing Media Pack™ is used to progressively separate finer solids and smaller oil droplets.

Built to specifications

Separators are built with vault and all internal components spec’d to city and municipal standards.

OWS Monitoring System

A tank-mounted interface sensor sends an automatic notification when the oil level reaches maximum capacity.

Spillage Protection

An oil stop valve provides additional protection from discharge or incidental oil spill.

Corrosion Resistant

Separators come with a choice of interior protective liners.


ParkUSA’s GoTrooper® grit-oil separators are an innovative and eco-friendly solution for wastewater management. The separators utilize enhanced patented separation technology within a multi-compartment basin that efficiently separates sediment and hydrocarbons from water. The heavier grit sinks, oils rise, and pollutants are detained as clean water discharges.

The ParkUSA Grit-Oil Separators eliminate manual intervention and monitoring with its automatic operating functionality. The system consists of an aboveground oil-water separator with coalescing technology, an oil stop valve, and a monitoring control system for building automation. Available in carbon steel or fiberglass construction, the GoTrooper® is a Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Listed product.

How It Works

A ParkUSA grit-oil-water separator captures and retains free oils and solids until they can be removed periodically. Wastewater goes through a two-stage treatment process within the separator. In the first stage, inflow hits a corrugated diffusion plate which employs the Buffalo-Morse Principle to slow down velocity and create sinusoidal flow patterns that enable heavy solids to settle and oil to rise to the surface immediately.

In the second stage, wastewater passes through a Coalescing Media Pack™ (CMP), where finer solids and smaller oil droplets are separated progressively. The CMP consists of closely spaced corrugated plates made of an oleophilic material that causes oil droplets to adhere to the plates due to buoyancy forces. The pattern of the plates induces a sinusoidal laminar flow that promotes droplet collision and coalesces smaller droplets into larger globules of oil that rise to the surface through openings in the coalescing plate pack. Meanwhile, heavy solids are separated and settle to the basin’s bottom.

Before exiting, the wastewater hits an oil dam, which prevents any collected oil from entering the outlet piping. Finally, an oil stopping valve is present at the exit piping to guarantee oil-free wastewater discharge.


About the Direct Bury Precast Concrete Separator

Model GO is a separator system that removes grit, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants from runoff drainage from paved areas. The separator is constructed of precast concrete with multiple chambers, coalescing media, internal baffles, pipes, and an interceptor maintenance alert system. It is designed to be buried directly in the ground and has heavy-duty access covers for cleaning and maintenance.


The GoTrooper® protects public sewers, infrastructure, and the environment from harmful pollutants. It reduces maintenance costs and is compliant with environmental codes and regulations.

Parking Lots

Grit-oil-water separators used in open air environments remove pollutants and improve runoff quality before discharging into public sewer or stormwater systems.

Parking Garages

Parking garages produce large volumes of oil, fuel, and other fluids due from water dripping from vehicles and debris that may have been tracked in on tires.

Commercial and Retail Centers

Commercial centers often have large parking lots and can generate significant amounts of runoff during rain events.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Grit-oil separators can be integrated into municipal wastewater treatment facilities to remove grit, sand, and other solid particles that may cause damage to downstream equipment or interfere with biological treatment processes.


In addition to airport parking structures, tarmacs and runways produce harmful chemicals including deicing fluids that may contain glycols, propylene glycol, or ethylene glycol.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Food processing, chemical manufacturing, and oil and gas refineries produce a considerable amount of wastewater that needs to be treated before being discharged to the public sewer.

Construction Sites

Construction sites generate a large amount of wastewater that contains suspended solids, sand, and other debris.

Car Wash Facilities

Car wash facilities generate a significant amount of wastewater that contains oil, grease, and other contaminants.

Specs & Docs


Grit-Oil Interceptor (Model GO – Sizes 500 to 2,000 Gallons)


Sand-Oil Separator (Model SOCMP)


Sand-Oil Separator (Model SOCMP – Sizes 500 to 1500 Gallons)

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