Stabilize Transitions, Dissipate Water Energy, and Control Flow with Headwalls

Control Overflow

Operators can regulate water flow for effective stormwater runoff, irrigation, or flood control management.

Speed of Installation

Precast headwalls are produced off-site and delivered to the project ready for installation allowing the team to install when it suits their schedule.

Design Flexibility

Manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit project requirements and can include wing walls, toe walls, or specific inlet or outlet configurations.

Aesthetic Appeal

Precast headwalls are manufactured with a variety of finishes and textures, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding environment or meet specific aesthetic requirements.

Overall Cost-Savings

Initial cost of precast concrete may be higher than cast-in-place, but lower labor costs, less maintenance, and higher quality result in cost savings over the life of the structure.


Precast concrete headwalls are a structural component typically used in drainage, water management, and civil engineering projects. They are a vertical or near-vertical wall made of concrete installed at an inlet or outlet of a culvert, pipe, or channel to control water flow, prevent erosion, and provide structural support.

Headwalls serve multiple purposes and can stabilize transitions, dissipate water energy, anchor pipes, maintain flow direction, while providing aesthetic integration. Many options can be added to the basic precast structure to provide further control. Precast to ASTM specifications in our plants, they are transported to site, ready to install.

How It Works

A precast concrete headwall works by providing a stable and secure transition between the pipe or culvert and the surrounding soil or embankment, reducing the risk of soil erosion and maintaining the integrity of the watercourse. The precast concrete structure is designed and manufactured off-site, then transported and installed at the desired location. It serves as an anchoring point for the pipe or culvert, preventing movement or damage due to water pressure or ground movement. Headwalls can also include accessories such as energy dissipators, gates, valves, screens, and handrails to further enhance their functionality.

ParkUSA precast concrete headwalls are a durable and cost-effective solution for managing and directing water flow in a variety of applications.


About the Headwall – HW

The basic model HW is designed to provide structural support and erosion control at the inlets and outlets of pipes or culverts. The basic precast concrete headwall effectively mitigates the impact of water flow on surrounding land, protecting infrastructure, and promoting efficient water management.

See it in Action


Favored for their durability, ease of installation, and ability to be pre-fitted with accessories, precast headwalls are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and hydraulic loads.

Culverts and Drainage Ditches

Headwalls provide stabilization and prevent soil erosion at the outlets of culverts and drainage ditches.

Roadside Drainage

Headwalls support the end of drainage pipes and maintain the integrity of the embankment.

Watercourses and Stream Banks

Protect the bank and manage water flow where pipes discharge into streams, rivers, or watercourses.

Detention and Retention Ponds

Control flooding, reduce erosion, and manage stormwater.

Erosion Control

Prevent the erosion in agricultural, urban, and conservation areas with a stable discharge point for water flow.

Landscaping and Golf Courses

Within landscaped areas and golf courses to manage water flow aesthetically and practically.

Construction Sites

To control sediment and manage runoff during and after the construction process.

Bridge Abutments and Approaches

Manage water runoff protect the structural integrity of bridges and their approaches.


Manage surface water around runways and other airport infrastructure to prevent standing water and ensure safety.

Specs & Docs


Drainage Exit Structure (Model DSA – 12″ to 48″)


Concrete Headwall for Stormwater Piping

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