Safety End Treatment

Safety End Treatment


Improve Safety and Protect the Environment from Uncontrolled Water Flow

Ensure Efficient Water Flow to Watercourses

Primary used in civil and environmental engineering applications to ensure efficient water flow from drainage systems to watercourses.

Improve Culvert Safety

Increase safety along culverts, pipes, and channels while reducing soil erosion, water velocity and turbulence.

Design Flexibility

SETs can be made in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit project requirements and can include wing walls, toe walls, or specific inlet or outlet configurations.

Aesthetic appeal

Precast concrete SETs can be manufactured with a variety of finishes and textures, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding environment or meet specific aesthetic requirements.

Overall Cost-Savings

Initial cost of precast concrete may be higher than cast-in-place, but lower labor costs, less maintenance, and higher quality result in cost savings over the life of the structure.

Pollution Control Options

Pollution control options can include trash screens or bar grates.


ParkUSA precast concrete safety end treatment (SET) is a vertical or near-vertical wall made of precast concrete installed at the inlet or outlet of culverts, pipes, or channels to prevent soil erosion, retain the embankment, reduce water velocity and turbulence, maintain flow direction, and improve safety around culverts.

A SET serves as protective barriers on exposed pipe ends or driveway crossings of an open ditch, allowing vehicles that leave the roadway to safely travel over the culvert and protecting the vehicle’s occupants. For stormwater flow management, SET applications can include accessories such as energy dissipators, flap gate valves, screens, slide gate valves, backwater valves, and handrails.

Available in a variety of pipe sizes, slopes, and designs to fit different project needs, a SET is a versatile structural component that finds a wide range of applications in irrigation, stormwater management, and civil engineering projects.

How It Works

The ParkUSA Model SET precast concrete safety end treatment (SET) serves as a crucial component in water management systems, providing an effective transition between the ends of drainage pipes or culverts and the surrounding terrain. Designed to minimize erosion, dissipate energy from discharged water, and ensure public safety, SETs are essential for maintaining the integrity of drainage infrastructure and protecting the environment from potential damage caused by uncontrolled water flow.

SETs ensure a hydraulic transition from a pipe to an open channel or receiving body, effectively reducing the water’s velocity as it exits the pipe to minimize erosion or scouring. Water velocity is reduced through a strategic combination of design shapes and added features including energy dissipators to modulate water velocity, flap gate valves for directing flow, screens for debris filtration, slide gate valves for precise flow management, and backwater valves to avert reverse flow.


About the Precast Safety End Treatment

The basic SET model provides an effective transition between the ends of drainage pipes or culverts and the surrounding terrain. This basic model is constructed of precast concrete and consists of a monolithic floor and walls. It is available in various slope configurations (3:1, 4:1, and 6:1) to match the earth berm wall. The end wall has a thin-wall knockout for connecting a pipe for stormwater conveyance.


Safety End Treatments are primarily used in civil and environmental engineering applications to ensure safe and efficient water flow from drainage systems to watercourses or containment areas.

Culverts and Outfalls

At the end of culverts or outfall pipes to reduce the speed and energy of exiting water, minimizing potential damage to the surrounding area.

Erosion Control

To prevent soil erosion in agricultural, urban, and roadside ditches by providing a stabilized outlet for water flow.

Flood Control Channels

To smoothly transition water into detention ponds, channels, or other containment systems.

Water Conservation

SETs can direct water flow into recharge basins or other storage systems for later use.

Wetlands and Restoration

To gently reintroduce water to sensitive environments, aiding in natural hydrological cycles.

Water Treatment Facilities

Can be used at the exit points where treated water is discharged into natural water bodies.

Urban Infrastructure

Ensure that stormwater runoff is discharged safely to prevent flooding and damage.

Airports and Railroads

To control water runoff from landing fields and railway embankments, ensuring stability and safety.

Highway Drainage Systems

To safely manage the water runoff from roadways and prevent erosion at the point where the drainage pipes empty.

Specs & Docs


Safety End Treatment (Model SET – 12″ to 36″)


Safety End Treatment with Hardware (Model SETH-1, Sizes 12″ to 36″)

Municipal Resources

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