Sewage Grinders

Sewage Grinders


Reduce Maintenance and Prevent Costly Sewage Pump Clogs

Prevent Maintenance Repairs and Costs

ParkUSA sewage grinders can reduce maintenance costs, prevent blockages and equipment damage to onsite wastewater systems.

Monitor System Performance

Manage the automatic grinding process and monitor the system’s performance with an integrated control panel.

Reliable and Efficient Maceration

Grinders include OEM brands and components for reliability.

Protect Downstream Systems

Protects downstream pumps, processing equipment, and sewer lines for optimal performance.

Factory Pre-Assembled and Tested

Quality tested and assembled in our plants to ensure performance and cost-effectiveness.


ParkUSA Grinding Systems are pre-assembled, ready-to-install concrete vaults with a sewage grinder. Ideal for shredding rags, wipes, diapers, and other disposable items that commonly clog sewage pumps, they are often used at prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The ParkUSA grinding system can be tailored to meet your specific site requirements and is pre-engineered, preassembled, compact, and designed for below-grade installation. It works seamlessly with gravity sewer systems and fits anywhere while breaking down solid waste and debris to guard pumps and prevent sewer clogs.

The turnkey package meets all city and municipal specifications and is comprised of a precast concrete vault structure with an access hatchway, ladder, sump pump, and a branded grinder system with PLC controls, isolation valves, and an automatic by-pass for optimal performance. The system is factory preassembled and tested for hydrostatic pressure and is equipped with all the necessary piping.

How It Works

The ParkUSA grinder macerator assembly is designed to be placed within a sewer line at a depth of 3 to 8 feet underground. This assembly includes a twin shaft grinder macerator, a sump pump, knife gate valves, and associated piping and fittings. The macerator shreds the wastewater into smaller particles, allowing it to flow more easily through the pipes. These components are housed within a structural concrete vault, which provides durability and security to prevent damage and vandalism. Additionally, the vault has access points for maintenance and repairs.


About the Inline Grinder

Installed directly into a pipeline to protect downstream equipment or sewer from damage caused by solids such as plastics and rags.


ParkUSA sewage grinders can reduce maintenance costs, prevent blockages and equipment damage, and ensure efficient wastewater management.

Municipal Sewage Systems

Sewage grinders are used in city sewer networks to reduce the size of solid waste, prevent blockages, and protect pumps and other equipment in the wastewater treatment process.

Commercial Buildings

Restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and other commercial facilities generate large amounts of waste that can clog sewer lines. Sewage grinders help break down this waste, ensuring smooth drainage.

Industrial Facilities

Factories and manufacturing plants produce a wide variety of solid waste, including plastics, textiles, and metal shavings, that without sewage grinders, can cause blockages and damage equipment.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Medical waste, such as disposable gowns, gloves, and other materials, can easily clog sewer systems.

Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Prisons and correctional facilities are common applications for these systems where vandalism is prevalent and inmates may attempt to cause flooding by clogging toilets with items such as sheets, towels, and shoes.

Wastewater Lift Stations

Sewage grinders can be installed at lift stations to reduce the size of solid waste, protect pumps, and ensure efficient wastewater transport.

Residential Complexes

Large apartment buildings and housing developments generate significant amounts of waste. Sewage grinders can help manage this waste and maintain the smooth operation of the sewer system.

Specs & Docs


Inline Macerator Grinder Assembly – Model TDC (Size 4″-12″)


Macerator Grinder Detail – Channel Type

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