Oil-Water Separator

Oil-Water Separator


OilTrooper® Provides An Eco-Friendly Solution for Wastewater Management

Eliminate Manual Monitoring

A tank-mounted oil-water interface sensor notifies the operator when the oil level reaches maximum capacity.

Patented Technology

Our separator uses our patented Coalescing Media Pack™ that allows finer solids and smaller oil droplets to progressively separate.

Environmental Compliance

We work with local municipalities to ensure compliance with all codes and regulations.

Flexible Sizing

Available in high‐strength precast concrete, steel, or fiberglass construction in sizes from 100 gallons to 20,000 gallons.

UPC Listed

Uniform Plumbing Code Listed, city approved, and made in America.

Oil Stop Valve for Spill Control

Provide additional protection from oil discharge due to separator maximum capacity or incidental oil spill.


ParkUSA oil-water separators, also know also known as a sand-oil interceptors, are innovative and an eco-friendly solution for wastewater management. The separators, known under the ParkUSA name OilTrooper®, prevent pollution by removing oil from wastewater before discharge into a sewer system. Our technology utilizes a patented, enhanced separation system with a multi-compartment basin that efficiently separates sediment and hydrocarbons from water. Pollutants are detained with heavier sand sinking and oil rising, while clean water is discharged.

The ParkUSA OilTrooper® ensures compliance with environmental regulations and is ideal for vehicle maintenance, wash rack facilities, fueling depots, vehicle repair facilities, and industrial areas. Installing our oil-water separator will reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance with codes and regulations, while offering a safer approach to maintenance.

How It Works

As wastewater enters a sand-oil interceptor, it flows through a two-stage treatment process within the separator. In the first stage, the inflow hits a corrugated diffusion plate, which employs the Buffalo-Morse Principle to slow the velocity and create sinusoidal flow patterns that enable heavy solids to settle and oil to rise to the surface.

In the second stage, the wastewater passes through the Coalescing Media Pack™ (CMP), where finer solids and smaller oil droplets are separated progressively. The CMP consists of closely spaced corrugated plates made of an oleophilic material that causes oil droplets to adhere to the plates due to buoyancy forces. The pattern of the plates induces a sinusoidal laminar flow that promotes droplet collision and coalesces smaller droplets into larger globules of oil that rise to the surface through openings in the coalescing plate pack. In addition, heavy solids are separated and settle to the basin bottom.

Before exiting the separator, wastewater hits an oil dam, which prevents any collected oil from entering the outlet piping. Finally, an oil stopping valve at the exit piping guarantees oil-free wastewater discharge.


About the Sand-Oil Interceptor with Sample Well

The OilTrooperⓇ SOCMP is an industry-standard interceptor system suitable for intercepting materials such as sand, oil, and grease from entering the public sanitary sewer system. It is frequently used in vehicle maintenance facilities, car washes, and industrial facilities. Models SOCMP and CMP are constructed of precast concrete and feature multiple compartments, coalescing media, internal baffles, piping, and an interceptor maintenance alert system. Model CMP features coalescing media, piping, and an interceptor maintenance alert system.

See it in Action


OilTrooper® sand-oil interceptors are typically used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications to remove sand, grit, oil, and other contaminants from wastewater before it is discharged into a municipal sewer system.

Automotive Repair Shops

Sand-oil interceptors remove oil and grease from wastewater generated by vehicle repair and maintenance activities.

Car Wash Facilities

A sand-oil interceptor can help remove these chemicals and contaminants before the wastewater is discharged into the municipal sewer system.

Industrial Facilities

Many industrial processes generate wastewater that contains oil, grease, and other contaminants. A sand-oil interceptor can be installed to remove these contaminants and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Gas Stations

Sand-oil interceptors remove oil and fuel from wastewater generated by fueling and maintenance activities.

Parking Lots

Large parking lots can generate significant amounts of runoff containing oil, grease, and other contaminants.

Specs & Docs


Rectangular concrete separator


Cylindrical concrete separator

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