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Storm Water

General Information
Stormwater discharge from rainfall can cause flooding creating harmful effects to people and property. Stormwater is also a significant source of pollution as it moves over the ground picking up and transporting manmade debris. These pollutants are deposited into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, and underground reservoirs.

To combat these pollutants, ParkUSA offers a wide range of stormwater utility products, storm water quality units, pump stations, flow metering devices that allow you to take control of the unpredictable phenomenon that is storm water. 

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater runoff can cause overflows in the sanitary lines as well as flood urban areas, so a well-designed infrastructure is important as well as dependable products. When engineers and planners are designing or improving aging underground infrastructure, 

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Stormwater Quality

Stormwater runoff from urban areas carries pollutants and trash into the storm drainage system. Unlike sanitary sewer systems, stormwater typically receives no treatment. Polluted stormwater eventually drains into public waterways, rivers, aquifers, 

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Flow Management

Flow measuring techniques will vary depending on the application flow type. There are two basic types of flow systems; closed channel, and open channel. A Closed Channel can be described as water flow through a completely filled pressurized pipe. 

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Pump Lift Stations

The pump lift station is used to receive sanitary wastewater or stormwater and move it through a collection system. The lift station can be used to temporarily store the wastewater, but it is generally used to transfer liquid that cannot gravity-flow on its own. 

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