Backflow Prevention


Improve Security in Any Water Distribution System with BackFlo®

Prevent Flow Reversal

Units prevent the undesirable reversal flow of water or other liquids, gases or substances into potable water distribution pipes.

Detection of Unauthorized Water Usage

An integrated detection feature continuously monitors water flow and can detect abnormal water usage which may indicate an unauthorized tap.

Certified Double Detector

Two check valve system is the only certified backflow prevention system that provides additional protection against backflow if the first check valve fails or leaks,

Easy Maintenance

User-friendly installation and maintenance procedures simplify system upkeep.

Reliable and Efficient Installation

Rigorous testing during manufacturing ensures the installation of a working system that meets quality and performance standards.

Versatile Applications

ParkUSA manufactures multiple backflow preventors for use in various settings including fire department connection assemblies.


Backflow prevention assemblies stop the undesirable reversal flow of water or other liquids, gases, or substances into potable water distribution pipes. The assemblies ensure that water flows in only one direction and protects potable water systems from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Each ParkUSA BackFlo® backflow prevention assembly includes a complete cross-connection control solution for all municipal, residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The assemblies are delivered onsite and ready to plumb.

Our backflow preventor assemblies are manufactured in a variety of models to suit almost any building site. Model types are selected based on degree of potential cross-connection hazard, varying from non-health hazard pollutants to contaminants that could causes illness or death if ingested. Double check valve assemblies are preferred and certified for contemporary use. The double valve adds security and continuously monitors water flow while detecting any abnormal or unauthorized usage. If such usage is detected, it triggers an alarm, notifying personnel or monitoring systems of potential issues.

Assemblies with one check valve can be used for other non-hazard applications, such as incorporation into fire protection systems.

How It Works

A backflow prevention assembly contains all parts within a precast concrete vault. The components vary, depending on model, but the mechanics remain constant. Each assembly has an inlet and outlet. The inlet connects to the source of potentially contaminated water, while the outlet connects to the potable water supply system, usually a building. Water moves from the source through the inlet into the backflow assembly. Check valves are a mechanical device that allows water to flow in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction.

Certified backflow prevention systems contain a double check valve assembly. Check valves are mechanical, spring-loaded, or pressure sensing devices that close when there is a reversal of water flow. Under normal operation, the check valves remain open allowing water to flow without restriction. If there is a reversal in water flow and a potential of backflow, the check valve will close due. This initial closure blocks the reverse flow of water. A single check valve unit is not a certified backflow prevention system, and now rarely used to ensure cross-connection quality.

Backflow prevention assemblies are typically equipped with test cocks or ports for periodic testing and maintenance. The check valves can be examined to ensure they are operating properly and closing tightly to prevent backflow.


About the Double Check Valve Assembly

The Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) composed of two independently acting, approved check valves, including tightly closing resilient seated shutoff valves attached at each end of the assembly and fitted with properly located resilient seated test cocks. This assembly shall only be used to protect against a non-health hazard (i.e., pollutant)

See it in Action


ParkUSA backflow prevention assemblies protect potable and municipal water supplies by eliminating any potential cross contamination.

Municipal Water Systems

Municipal water distribution systems must be protected against potential contamination from cross-connections, such as with industrial or agricultural water sources.

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Residential and commercial buildings need to protect their potable water supply and facilitate a connection to the fire department’s water supply.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Vital to safeguarding potable water supply, backflow assemblies are necessary within hospitals, medical facilities, and laboratories with medical gas and water treatment systems.

Irrigation Systems

Backflow assemblies are commonly employed in irrigation systems to prevent the backflow of non-potable water into the main water supply.

Fire Protection Systems

Backflow prevention assemblies are often used in fire sprinkler systems to prevent backflow and ensure the integrity of the water supply dedicated to fire protection.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial settings rely on backflow preventers to protect against potential contamination from processes, chemicals, or industrial equipment that could pose a risk to the public water supply.

Water Features and Fountains

In spaces with decorative or recreational water features, backflow prevention assemblies are often required to prevent stagnant or chemically treated water from entering the municipal water supply.

Food Service Establishments

Restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments use back flow preventers to comply with health regulations.

Specs & Docs


Double Check Backflow Preventer Assembly – Model BP 3/4″ thru 2″


Backwater Sewer Valve Assembly


Air Relief Valve Assembly


Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly


3″-10″ Double Detector Backflow Preventer Assembly for Fire Service


Double Check Backflow Preventer Assembly


Weatherproof Enclosure for Double Detector Backflow Preventer


Double Detector Backflow Preventer on Precast Concrete Pad


3″ thru 12″ Double Detector Backflow Preventer Assembly w/PIV and FDC

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